Since his youth, proprietor Adam Burgess has immersed himself deeply in the world of motorsports, engaging in both the technical and driving aspects of the sport. His extensive experience, coupled with the expertise of the technicians at Advan Performance, has culminated in the meticulous preparation of vehicles for esteemed events such as the Australian Production Racing Series.

At Advan Performance, our primary objective is to ensure that when you hit the track, your sole focus remains on achieving optimal performance. Leave the technicalities to us as we meticulously refine and fine-tune every aspect of your vehicle, guaranteeing that you can confidently pursue the best possible lap times."

While achieving fast lap times is undoubtedly rewarding, we at Advan also take great pleasure in delivering exhilarating drifting performances.

As experts in the art of crafting the perfect drift car, we stand ready to support you every step of the way.

Embracing drifting as a regular exercise to demonstrate our prowess, we ensure that your vehicle is impeccably prepared to ignite its tires and deliver thrilling sideways maneuvers.

Trust Advan to elevate your drifting experience to new heights.

Should you find yourself amidst friendly banter and seeking to settle it with a definitive race, Advan Performance is here to facilitate.

Simply entrust your vehicle to us, and we will ensure that the performance speaks for itself, silencing any doubts or challenges.

Our expert team stands ready to prepare your car to the highest standards, allowing you to confidently assert your dominance on the strip.

With Advan, let the results of the race do the talking.