Advan Performance Center

Your one stop performance car shop & 4x4 service center

Established in 1985 in Auckland New Zealand we have a reputation for being one of the best companies in the performance car industry. Our knowledge is extensive when it comes to import cars. Owner Peter Hopkins has been racing cars and bikes since 1973 against the likes of the late Peter Brock, Johnston, Longhurst, Pero and Richards.

The company has built many race cars over the years from the Mazda RX3 of the early 70's through to the mighty GTR Skyline of the 90's. Peter started his apprenticeship with Holden in 1971 moving to Suzuki Motorcycles in 1973 and Mazda in 1976. Peter has worked in the USA for Pontiac and Mazda building rotaries for their off road race trucks.

He has worked with Mazda in the USA where he was part of their rotary exchange program and Rotary Power in New Zealand. Peter Built one of the first rare 13B turbo engine's in the early 80's and has contributed to the prototype NZ triple rotor engine development in both 12A and 13B configurations. Now based in Australia Advan Performance specialize in Skyline's, Silvia's, Subaru's and Supra's.

Our services include maintenance and general servicing of all makes and model's. Our engine repair service for Nissan's SR and RB series engine's are used by many workshops worldwide. Our part's department has without a doubt one of the largest stock's of Japanese performance parts in Australia.

On the weekend Peter enjoys riding his Harley or cruising with his family in his GTR Skyline known as "GRACER". During the week he can be found running Advan Performance so drop by and have a chat or a browse as your sure to see something of interest.