Advan Performance Center

Your one stop performance car shop & 4x4 service center

Advan offer an engine service which is second to none. Our history of engine building speaks for itself. The extent of our engine rebuild service consists of supplying complete engines and engine components to customers the world over. Whether you are a workshop who needs a hypo engine, or a home mechanic who wants a reliable street engine, we can help you. We can build an engine to your specification or, based on your needs, build you what will help you achieve your goals. We specialise in Nissan's RB & SR engine families although we touch on VG30. In the case of Toyota we are also experienced in the 1JZGTE, 2JZGTE and 3SGTE. Our recommendations and engine skills are based on expertise and knowledge, there is NO guess work here. Whether its a 300hp streetcar or a full race 1200hp rocket ship, we can build the engine your after.


Best cars for this service
Nissan Skyline
Nissan Sylvia
Toyota Supra
Toyota MR2
Mitsubishi EVO
Subaru WRX
Mazda RX7/ 8